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September 09, 2017 by Jim, I give Chardonnay Hills a 5 star rating. 

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident.


They were wonderful.  My mom had been in three different facilities before she was in Chardonnay Hills.  It was by far the best one that she was in.  It was the most personal and family oriented.  They were the ones who accommodated her cats, nobody else.  It couldn't have been better.


August 08,2017 by Carol, I give Chardonnay Hills a 5 star rating.

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident.


My mother receives excellent service at Chardonnay Hills.  She is really happy there.  It's a wonderful home that is kept extremely clean.  The staff is wonderful.  They're really caring and loving.  Mom lives in the home with several other women.  They all have private rooms and they're happy.  They're all very well taken care of.  The staff is attentive to their needs.  My mother can no longer walk and she's incontinent.  She was ill for a while, and she was taken good care when she returned from the hospital.  I can't say enough good things about them.  I don't think I could ever find a better place.  They have nutritious food, and it's a variety.  The residents are pretty well nourished..  I have nibbled on some of my mom's food, and it is very good.  In the morning, they have oatmeal with fruit, toast, or coffee.  They'll also have scrambled egg with sausage, bacon, or toast, or coffee, or juice.  My mom likes blueberries.  The owner of the home brings blueberries just for her.  I mean if you have special wants, they have it for you.  I think most of the food is from Costco so its quality.  I can't think of one thing to complain about.  They're amazing.  I think the amount of money that I pay is excellent.  I'm very blessed to find Chardonnay Hills.


by Kandie, I give Chardonnay Hills a 5 star rating.

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident.

 It's been a great experience.  Chardonnay Hills is very clean, laid out really nicely, and furnished adequately.  It's not fancy or anything, but is's very homey.  This is a ranch style home so the hallways are large enough should she ever need a wheelchair, or anything.  My mom is not handicapped at this point, and walking is still not an issue.  The dining room and living room are connected so there are times that, after the residents eat, they'll hang out in the living area and watch TV.  Randy, the owner has been fabulous.  He always celebrates everybody's birthday, and he makes them whatever they want.  All of the food is pretty much homemade or pre-made from Costco.  My mother has actually gained a little weight since she's been there which is fine.  There are two main caregivers.  They've been there the whole time we've been there which has been now 4 years.  The part time person has gone in and out so they have a couple of different people, but everybody has been SUPER nice.  My mom has been really well cared for.  She had just dementia, so she couldn't remember what she ate 5 minutes ago, or whatever.  Randy goes above and beyond what I would expect.  When I first put my mom there, I was living in the area.  Since I moved out of state, he takes and fills in for me.  He allows pets, and mom has a cat.  This particular cat must be groomed once every six months so he takes the cat to the groomer. He calls me and I give the credit card to the groomer.  He takes care of it. I mean it's really awesome that he goes the extra mile for her because her cat is a big deal in her life.  I feel that the price is very fair for what I pay.  A much better value than if she was in assisted living.


August 23,2017 by Shelba, I give Chardonnay Hills a 5 star rating.

I am/was a resident of this facility.

Chardonnay Hills is very nice and homey.  The staff is great.  They're very nice and very accommodating.  I don't have any complaints with the staff.  They bathe me, and provide me with all the necessities that I need.  The food is very good too.  We have a hot meal every night, or a hot breakfast, and sometimes cold cereals.  My husband and kids take me out too. So as far as the facility providing trips, we don't have that.  I have nothing to compare it to, so it's worth the price.  I really don't have any complaints.


December 18, 2018 by Loretta.

I am/was a resident of this facility.

CHCH is an upscale home that will make people happy and content living here. I lived there for a short time when I had hip replacement surgery. I needed the care and loving concern that they showed me during my difficult days. I sincerely recommend this loving place to you. I had looked at other places some of which I quickly left...very quickly. If I can’t feel welcome and accommodated I would rather leave and find another place. I loved sitting outside to see birds and butterflies explore. It’s like living next to a park. I hope you enjoy this lovely home as I did.

February 23, 2020 by Bob Bienvenue

My wife was a resident of this facility.

“Enter as strangers, leave as friends” is a sign over the door in the living room. My wife is being cared for at the Chardonnay Hills board and care facility, which provides a very home-like atmosphere instead of an institutional type that you find in many Nursing homes. The home is always very clean and spotless. I visit the facility every day and the temperature is always comfortable, summer or winter. The owner Randy has an experienced and attentive staff on duty at all times, to provide excellent care to the patients. They are very friendly to residents and visitors. The residents to staff ratio is very good, so residents find it easy to get a worker’s attention, if needed.

The food is also excellent. Cooked by the staff. All food is purchased fresh and very high in quality. There’s a nice large television in the comfortable living room, where residents and visitors can sit together. Next to the living room is the dining area where the residents can eat their meals together and enjoy each other’s company. The living room and dining room also have a large viewing area of the beautifully landscaped yard. Each resident has their own bedroom and can decorate the room to their liking so they can feel at home.

I am very happy that I have chosen Chardonnay Hills as the place for my wife to stay. The facility, staff and atmosphere are the greatest.

 If there were 6 stars, I would give them that grade but the highest is 5. I’m very thankful for the help given to me and my wife at this difficult stage of our lives. They have gone beyond all expectations. That sign over the door says it all.

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